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Apartment rooms for short stay

Weekly mansions  Monthly mansions
Apartment rooms for staying 1week to several months for periods in-between general renting rooms and hotels. It requires none of deposit, key money, and sponser which are required when you would rent general renting rooms. Those rooms are equipped with necessary appliances such as TV, refrigerator, washing machine, rice cooker, and microwave for your convinience.


Guest house  Share house  Home stay
They are also for travelers and shered rented houses for individuals. They have individual bedrooms and shared living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
It requires none of deposit, key money, and sponser.
These types will save your monthly expemses such as renting, fuel ,and liting fees.
*Home stay is aslo an option for foreign students,
which will allow you to stay as a member of the family for s short period.

General apartments to hunt through real estate agencies

Mansions  Apartment rooms Houses for rent
It is easy to gather information about these types. You can choose areas to search and then ask agencies based in the areas. Deposit, key money, agency charge, and contract renewal fee are required other than monthly renting charge.
It also requires sponser and paper works.
Period of the contrant generally is more than one year.

Housing run by public organizations

Urban Renaissance Agency 
Public housing run by prefectures or cities
These are national, prefectural, or city housing, and offer reasonable monthly fees wothout charging deposit, key money, agency charge, and contract renewal fee.
However, there are limited freedom of choice and areas. Some houseing of these types have certain requirenments for clients.

Suggestions for renting rooms

Essentials for renting any types of housing

Make a contract after looking at the room by yourself.

Check the environments around the room by walking.

Check the time required for commuting.

Check the security and safty.

Make sure the renting fee balances your monthly incom: less than one third of your incom.

Make sure you understand the contents of the contract, and ask anything you don't understand.


Monthly renting fee

It is money for using the room. Generally, you need to pay the fee for the next month by the appointed day of the month.


It is common that you deposit the money of 1 to 3 months fee to the housing owner at the time of the contract.
It is set aside for repairs when the contract is terminated. Rest of the deposit will be paid back to you.

Key money

It is common that you pay key money of 1to 2 months fee to the housing owner at the time of moving.
However, some don't require key money.

Agency charge

It is introduction charge for the real estate agency.
It is stipulated by law that it should not be more than a monthly fee.

You need as much as 8 months fee at the time you move,
which is total of 6 months fee including deposit, key money, agency charge, and 2 months renting fee in advance.


Emergency contact numbers for foreigners


Emergency phone numbers you can connect by home phone, public phone, mobile phone, and PHS phone.

Crimes and accidents!
For making police reports


(Hyakutoban; A hundred ten) Dial # 9 1 1 0 for cosulting with police.

Fire, ambuilance, and rescue! For making fire station reports


(Hyakujyukyuban; A hundred nineteen)

Ocean accidents!
For making Coast Guard reports


For ocean accidents or oil spill
For reporting mistery ship, or information concerning smugglers

For disaster
Message dial


Contact the number in case of disaster such as earthquake and volcanic eruption. Voice message recording service for whereabouts of people in case phone connection is damaged

Links of useful information for foreigners


About visa status

Home page of Tokyo Immigration Bureau of Japan

Information center of Tokyo Immigration Bureau of Japan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Visa information

Daily life in Japan

Multilingual Living Information(Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)

Living Information for foreigners(NPO Foreigners total support association)

NPO Workers Support Center

Information Center for Foreigners in Japan

Tokyo metropolitan medical Institution Information Himawari

NPO Kanagawa Housing Support Center for Foreigners

International exchange and studying abroad

Japan Foundation

Council of Local Authoties for International Relations

NPO International Cultural Promotion Assosiation

Study Japan Comprehensive Guide