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Year joined the companyNationalityType of job
2009U.S.ALiquor sales promotion
2008ChinaSales job
2007CanadaNetwork management
2007KoreaTrade administration
2006ChinaChimese language teacher


a liquor maker staff "This is what I wanted to do!"

  J・E(28, male) Nationality: U.S.A
  Type of jpb: Liquor sales promotion, joined in January, 2009
I was a sales representative of a staffing company, but I was not at all satisfied with the position and I was seeking opportunities for career change. Then I came acroos the job offer of be-cause and apply for the job with strong belief in myself that "This is what I wanted to do!." What I do mainly for work is western liquor sales promotion and sales, but the work is rich in variety.
I felt that it is the work just for me. It was the first time for the company to employ a foreigner, so it took some time for the appointment which made me a little nervous about. But finally I was employed.
I am very grateful to be-cause having helped me with resumes, inerview, business manner, and so on. My advise to you is ask about any business manner or Japanese phrases which is obscure or difficult to figure out for you to your adviser of the agency or Japanese friends. You may fail if you just take it on yourself. Please find the perfect job yourself. Good luck to you, too.


a general machinery maker staff
I was not confident about my being accepted.

  S・T(26, female) Nationality: China
  Type of job: Sales representative, joined in November, 2008
I studied language at university and I hoped to get a job that I can take advantage of my language skill with in Japan. Then be-caouse introduced me the job I do now. I was not confident in my mind about my being accepted before applying because the company was one of Japan's leading manufacturer.
But I finally made it with be-cause's strong support to my making resumes, and interview.
I am also greatful that be-cause gave me an advise with my renewing visa. I am still learning the operation of the company which is my first experience, but I am satisfied with my job.


a IT communication company staff
I was nervus at the interview,
but I made it better asking interviewer a question.

  W・A (24, male) Nationality: Canada
  Type of job: Network management joined in October, 2007
I went to an interview of the company for my second challenge of my job search. I tend to be nervous, and I tried best but I could only answer question by the interviewer who speaks both Japanese and English, without talking about myself because my mind went blank.To reflect on this experience I went to the interview determined that I go with prepared questions to show my passion to the job.
The interview went in Japanese all through and intervewers' questions were such as "why do you choose this company ?", " what do you expect to do in this company?" " what brought you to Japan for work?", or "how long will you work in Japan?" I could easily anwser those questions, because they were what I expected to be asked. And then they asked for my question, so I asked about my salary and about the possibility of my assignment to the U.S. office. Then an interviewer started to talk about the U.S. office that was opened recently, which made my tensions flared and I got myself motivated to the work.
The first intervew went well, but I had hard time explaining a network diagram in Japanese at the next technical interview, in which I guss I made a lot of mistakes. I was worried because I had heard that there were two other candidates for the offer, but I got a notification of acceptance a week later.

a optical equipment company staff
I changed my job through a recruite agency.

  R・S(27, male) Nationality: Korea
  Type of job: Trade administration, joined in May,2007
I majored in business and Japanese studies at a 4-year university in Korea. I was thinking of working in Japan while studying, and I studied Japanese and English very hard.
This is my fifth year in Japan, and it is the second company for me in Japan. I hoped for better salary and making advantage of my career in Japan, changing my job. I did my job hunting with help of a recruite agency, which was really helpful because I did it while I keep doing former job What I do now for the job are translation and interpriter of Korea, Japanese, and English and trade administration. I am the only Korean in the company, though this division is internationalized with clerk staff from U.S. and China. However the work here is based on Japanese customs and common sense, there still are lot to learn from Japanse boss and colleagues. I recall my experience and think that it is not easy for a foreigner to hunt a job, you should be confident with your first hope and learn about Japan, and then you will make it.

a major paper company staff I am a corporate Chinese teacher.

  S・S(26,female) Nationality: China
  Type of job: Chinese language teacher,
  joined in November, 2006
I came to Japan as a foreign university student in Japan. I had experienced intership at a company while I study, I came to hope to be a language teacher as a bridge between Japan and China.
I worried because my adherence to a specific type of job might make the job hunting difficult, but I kept studying and registered recruitment firms specializing in foreigne language teachers and translators. It was what I was waiting for that an offer of chinese language teacher in a company which has a chinese factory.
I appealed myself for the offer with good help of the agency staff.
I am grateful that the agency helped me also with paperworks such as for moving after finding my job, as well as with my resume and interviwe. My advice for you to find a job in Japan is to show your passion to work at the company you apply for. Good luck with your job hunting!