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Business manner for phone call

Attitudes for calling; always try to be "exact," "fast," "simple," and "plite."

Exact  Prepare to take memo, and talk slowly and clearly. Do not talk on the phone while eating.

Fast  Answer the phone before it rings 3 times. Do no put the phone on hold more than 30 seconds.

simple  Itemize whqt to talk about before making a call.

Polite  Pay attention to words and talk politely to anyone on the other side of the phone.


How to answer the phone

Say "Omatase simashita" (Sorry for your waiting.) first in case answering the phone after 3 rings.

Do not say "moshi moshi" but answer "hai" and then tell the company name and you name.

Ask name and the company saying "Shitsureidesuga dochirasama deshooka ?"(I hope it is not rude to ask your name.) in case the person did not tell his or her name.
Use polite expressions such as "Osoreirimasuga moo ichido onegaishimas,"(Perdon me) or "Odenwaga Tooi yoodesu,"(It seems a bad connection.) when you can not figure out what the person says.

Say "Itsumo osewani natteorimasu." (Thank you for your patronage.) in case the pwerson is from outside the company even if the person was alian to you.

Say "hai XX desune, Shooshoo omachi kudasai," (I see, you are talking to XX. One moment please.) confirming the name of the staff to whom the calling person is going to talk and press hold button not the noise to be heared while on hold.

When transfering the phone insude the office, tell the staff "XX san, A shano B samayori X ban ni odenwadesu," (XX, phone call from B of A company on extension X) telling extension number for sure.

If the staff was absent, tell the calling person the reason why it is impossible to connect.
"Ainiku XX wa gaisyutsu suteorimasu. XX ji niwa modoru yoteidesuga, yoroshikereba, watashi XX ga goyookeno oukagai
shite dengonshimasuga ikagadesyooka?"("Unfortunately, XX goes out. He wil be back by XX(time), but XX(name) me will pass on your message to XX if you don't mind.")
"Ainiku XX wa hokanodenwani deteorimasu. Owarishidai, orikaeshi kochirakara odenwa sashiagemasuga." ("Unfortunately, XX is on another phone. I will let him/her call you as soon as he/she hangs up, if you don't mind.")
"Mooshiwake gozaimasen. XX wa tadaima sekio hazushiteorimasu. Sugu modorimasunode syoosyoo omachi itadakemasuka? Soretomo kochirakara kakenaosase masyooka?"
("Sorry, but XX is away now. Will you stay for a moment, because he/she comes back soon, or shall I let him/her call you back?")

Tell the caller the stuation, and listen what he/she want to do. Confirm the phone number of the caller and time convinience for him/her to receive a call in case calling back.
"Soredewa nen notame odenwabangoo o onegai itashimasu. 03-1111-1111ban, A syano B samade irassyaimasune. ("Let me confirm your phone number. It is 03-1111-1111, Mr./Ms. B from A company, is it correct?)
Watashiwa XX to mooshimasu. XX(name) ga modorimashitara B samani odenwao sashiageriyooni mooshitsutaemasu."(My name is XX. I will let XX know that he/she should call Mr./Ms. B when he/she comes back.")

How to talk the phone that was passed to you.
"Odenwa kawarimashita. XX de gozaimasu." ("This is XX talking.")
"Omatase itashimasita. XX de gozaimasu." ("Thank you for calling. This is XX.")

When hanging up
"Odenwa arigatou gozaimashita." "Dewa yoroshiku onegaishimasu." ("Thank you for calling us." "So, thank you.")
Remember the geeting such as above. Cut off the phone quietly after the talker hangs up.


How to make a call

Tell your name and company name and then ask for the person you are going to talk to.
"C shya san desuka? Watakushi X syano XX desu. Oisogashiitokoro osoreirimasuga D kano XX(name) san o onegaishiamsu." ("Is that C company? This is XX from XX company. Can I talk to XX(name) of D division?")

When a person was on the phone and did no tell you his/her name, confirm his/her name saying "XX sande irassyaimasuka?" ("Thank you always.") or "Hajimete odenwa sashiagemasu." ("This is my first call to you."), then introduce yourself again if it is necessary. Speak such as "XX no kende, odenwa itashimashita," ("I am calling you to talk about XX,") before start talking about the point. Say such as "Ima yoroshiideshooka?" ("Do you have a time now?") for the person's convinience in case you have many points to talk about.

Try to make it simple and confirm important points at the end of the call. To hang up, say the greeting such as "Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu," ("Thank you for advence,") or "Shitsurei itashimasu," ("Excuse me for hanging up,") then hang up quietly.

Mobile phone manner

Basic manner of mobile phone

There are different manner and custom of mobile phone from area to area in the world.
Those below are things to know in Japanese bussines scene regarding mobile phone.
First thing you should learn is about basic functions and services of Japanese mobile phone quipment related to business operations.
You can make advantage of voice mail sevice, transfer service, or silent mode, vibrator mode, or flashing display mode function that makes off the ringing sound, and change the mode according to the place and occasion.

During a meeting inside the office

Meeting members must be anonyed by your mobile starts ringing during the meeting even if it was inner house. So, you are adviced to set the mode of your mobile that would not bother ringing such as voice mail service.


While your visiting, meeting with visitors, or negotiation

Turn off your mobile, or set to voice mail service mode if you are supposed to receive emergency calls.
It is important to show that you are committed to negotiation with the partner.


At public space or the train

Set your mobile to manner mode. In case you recive a call, tell briefly "Ima, densyano nakadesukara nochihodo kakenaoshimasu," (" I am on a train, so I will call you back,") and do not talk longer even if the caller was your customer.
There are possibly passengers who are using cardiac pacemakers and other medical electronic equipment, so you are obliged to turn off your mobile near priority seat. It is also a rule to make a phone call at the specified location in Shinkansen.

Ringtone of mobile and noise of phone speaking are anonying thing at any public space or a quiet place such as restaurant or hotel lobby. It is good manner that to set your mobile soundless mode and make a conversation minimum on the phone at such places.


Check the voicemail frequently

Your mobile may receive a emergency business call from a person who can not wait until your arrive at the office. So every time you turn on the mobile again, check the voicemail.


When you call mobile number

It is common that Recipient of your call can not to be committed to speake at the moment.
You should ask "Ima ohanashishite yoroshiidesyooka?" (" May I talk to you now?") before you talk about your point.


Manner in the streets

You may disrupt the the flow of passers-by by suddenly stopping in the middle of a walkway and making a phone call. If you answer when walking, move away without disrupting the flow or keep away from the crowd and talk.

Microphone of mobile phones cut ambient noise better than ordinary telephones.
You can talk in ordinary tone of voice instead of speaking up even in noisy crowd.
Be careful not to talk loud in the night street where voice resonates unexpectedly.


Call while driving is banned!

Road Traffic Act bans operating mobile phones while driving followed by rise in traffic accident caused by call while driving.
It is accident-prone moment that you answer the phone or you are committed to talking on the phone. You are advised to turn off your mobile or set it driving mode.


Whrer to turn off your mobile

Turn off your mobile in cinemas, theaters, and museums and inside hospitals and airplanes where electrical equipments and electronic medical equipments are used or areas where mobile phones are banned.