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Interview progress              一般的な
面接準備講座 一般的な面接の進み方講座 よくある面接関連日本語


● Knock 2-3 times lightly the door to the interview room and say "shitsurei shimasu" when you are told "douzo".
● Close the door, address the interviewer with "[Your name] to moushimasu. Yoroshiku onegai ", and bow. Some people don't bow, but it is best to make it a habit as it will make a better impression.
● When the interviewer asks you to take a seat "okake kudasai", say "shitsurei shimasu" and be seated.

Interview Start

When exchanging business cards
When receiving a business card, hold out both hands at chest height and say "choudai itashimasu" as you take the card. If there is a table in front of you place the business card there as you converse. Do not place the business card in your bag or pocket, or otherwise treat it as a trivial item.
● You will be given an explanation of the work and asked various questions. Answer calmly, and confirm with your interviewer if you are not sure about the meaning of any question.
● When asked if you have any questions ("nanika shitsumon ha arimasu ka?"), present your questions which came up partway through the review or the questions you had prepared ahead of time.
● Make sure to always clarify concrete work details and salary.

Leaving the room

● When the interviewer concludes the interview ("ijyou desu"), say "arigatou gozaimashita" and rise from your seat.
● Replace your chair and turn back to say "shitsurei shimasu" and bow to the interviewer before opening and exiting out the door.


 Examples of frequently asked questions…
 Do a practice run-through with answering these questions:

● Please tell me your intentions and motivations
● Why did you decide to come to Japan?
● Motivation chose what is your current job
● What is your motivation for choosing this job?
● Why did you decide to change jobs?
● Why did you choose this company?
● What do you think of our products/service?
● If hired, what work would you like to do?
● Would you like to work long-term in Japan or go back to your home country?
● What is your desired salary?
● If hired, when would you be able to enter the company?
● Are you applying other companies?