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Courses for interview preparation 一般的な面接準備講座 一般的な面接の進み方講座 よくある面接関連日本語

Clothing, grooming

Gray, blue, or black suits are acceptable. Cleanliness is more important than fashion sense. Check clothing, hands (nails) and hair in the mirror, and keep your feet clean. Avoid thick makeup, strong perfume, and high heels.

Preparation of company information

Coming into an interview without knowledge of the company is not only rude, but will become a reason for concern for you. Be sure to obtain the necessary information via the company webpage or staff agency. Convey your enthusiasm and the interview atmosphere and conversation will be calm and pleasant.
[Preparation points]
● Company history, CEO profile, the company's products and achievements
● Trends in the company's associated industry
● Relationship with one's homeland.

Simulated interview

Interviews proceed forward while examining the application materials sent prior to the interivew. You should carefully review documents such as copies of your sent history. Simulate interview responses using the next section "General Interview Progress", and prepare a brief self-introduction and questions.

Look up the directions to the company and how long it takes to get there, and depart for the interview ahead of time.

● Tardiness is absolutely prohibited. Arriving too early is also not acceptable. Arriving between 5-10 minutes early is best. If you're uncertain about the area, double-check the area once more.
● Reconfirm your appointment time, department you are visiting, and the person in charge.
● Confirm required documents, writing materials, and other items to bring.