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Employment Advice  

How to write with Hiwork free registration.

If there is a job you like in the top page, it is prudent to apply quickly. The first step in a standard application in Japan is the applicant screening.
In this step, you submit your resume (履歴書) and work history (職務経歴書).
Free registration becomes your resume in Hiwork.
Start from basic registration and fill in your academic history, work background, skills, etc. as concisely as possible. Make your appeal with the intention of creating a resume that will interest companies.
  Employment Advice
Points to consider when filling in the registration page!

Be polite and accurate. Being dishonest now will only come back to haunt you after you are hired!

Specify as many areas of specialty, qualifications, skills, and experiences as you can. This will be your appeal.

Those desiring to be translators and interpreters should specify relevant experiences. Your chances for being requested for work will increase.

Be specific and detailed when writing your work history. (i.e., "cashier position" and "creation of trade documents" instead of "trade work") Write concretely when filling in interpreting experience.

Be accurate when entering your start and graduation dates from school, year when you were hired in a company, and date of employment termination.

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